Crossing Borders, Building Friendships

Belarus sits snugly among the borders of five other countries between the ever growing European Union and the still powerful Russian Federation. Even the regions of the country seem to be ideally placed, divided into six different administrative divisions known as oblasts, with its capital Minsk in the center and the five other regional centers located not far from the borders of each of its neighbours. Living in a nation that has constantly been shaped and reshaped by its neighbors, Belarusians are an extremely friendly and peaceful people who try to avoid conflicts and who are, therefore, very easy to get along with. Borders are clearly defined, but it seems that Belarus is happy to share with its neighbors.


get link  Full name: Republic of Belarus

follow link  Population: 9.54 million (CIA, 2012)

watch  Capital: Minsk

source  Largest city: Minsk

 Area: 207,600 (33,436 sq. mi.)

 Major languages: Belarusian, Russian,  Other

 Major religions: Eastern Orthodox, Other

 Monetary unit: Belarusian Ruble

 GDP per capita: US $14,900

 Internet domain: .by

 International dialling code: +375

 Source: CIA World Factbook