With a history that stretches back through the ages, England is as much known for its royal family and international landmarks as it is for football. Once the centre of a vast empire that spanned the globe, this nation is the most generously populated and southernmost state of the United Kingdom. England’s economy these days relies on trade with Europe and, to a certain extent tourism, with the hub of London being one of the foremost culturally diverse and historic on the continent. Undoubtedly there is plenty to see and do for the eager traveller in this remarkable country. Most visitors begin their visit with a city break to London. The metropolis boasts a number of world-famous attractions, including the Tower Bridge, Madame Tussaud's wax museum, the River Thames, Buckingham Palace and the royal parks, to name just a few, as well as the London Eye - the world's tallest Ferris wheel until the late 1990s - which gives an unadulterated view of the city. Chic boutiques also line the boulevards around Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, adding to the pomp and history that envelops this age-old urban settlement. A train journey north takes visitors to York, the ancient home to Viking and Roman invaders whose legacy remains in the shape of the city's long-standing walls. Shopping among the centuries-old alleyways in this northern town is nothing short of delightful. Further north you can recline on the hill sides of the peak district, a welcome relief from commercial life. The rest of the country is home to a number of great well known locales such as Birmingham, Manchester, Blackpool and Bournmouth, and lots of not-so-well known spots waiting for visitors to discover. England is home to a quaint regal charm that offers the traveller insights into Europe, both old and new.  Local cuisine of succulent steak, apple pie and native cider brews are sure to delight. Combined with a diverse landscape stretching from the Channel Islands to the mountains of the peak district, England has something for everyone. ~ Stephen Mowat


 Full name: England

 Population: 51.48 million (2008)

 Capital: London

 Largest city: London

 Area: 130,395 sq.km. (50,346 sq. mi.)

source url  Major languages: English, Other

 Major religions: Anglican, Protestant, Other  Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, Other

 Monetary unit: Pound Sterling

 GDP per capita: US $36,665

 Internet domain: .uk

 International dialling code: +44

see url  Source: CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia