A large selection of diamonds to choose from, and even use the 3d modeler to piece together your dream engagement ring. Abazias diamonds offers the largest selection of certified untreated diamonds.  Full name: Coorporative Republic of Guyana

Knowing the exact amount of free ram i have at any given point is exhilarating. You can do the same with network speeds.  Population: 741,908 (CIA, 2012)

 Capital: Georgetown

 Largest city: Georgetown

 Area: 214,969 (83,000 sq. mi.)

 Major languages: English, Amerindian  dialects, Creole, Caribbean Hindustan, Other

 Major religions: Protestant, Hindu, Roman  Catholic, Other

 Monetary unit: Guyanese Dollar

 GDP per capita: US $7,500

 Internet domain: .gy

 International dialling code: +592

 Source: CIA World Factbook