Which may or may not be heard audibly through my speakers) google now requires me to answer send saying yes doesnt work. Siri works with either answer). The punctuation problem you mentioned.  Full name: Republic of Latvia

 Population: 2.19 million (CIA, 2012)

After that, it is possible to select the exact time you want reconbot to start broadcasting its video feed. So, where exactly can you view the remote feed?  Capital: Riga

 Largest city: Riga

 Area: 64,589 (24,938 sq. mi.)

 Major languages: Latvian, Russian,  Lithuanian, Other

 Major religions: Lutheran, Orthodox, Other

 Monetary unit: Lats

 GDP per capita: US $15,400

 Internet domain: .lv

 International dialling code: +371

 Source: CIA World Factbook