Like many countries in Africa, Malawi has had a bit of a tumultuous history that includes the usual suspects on its resume, with tribal discontent, colonialism, dictatorship and economic hardship leading the pack for the last hundred years. The fallout from this coming of age makes the country one of the least developed in the world, relying heavily on foreign aid to meet most of its basic needs. That trend is decreasing, however - albeit somewhat slowly - as the country endeavours to stand more on its own two feet. Part of the government’s mandate in becoming financially stable has less to do with opening its doors to tourists than with working to let tourists know the doors are and have been open for some time. As with many other countries on the continent, Malawi’s infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired and the visitor who makes his or her way here should be prepared to meet the challenges that come with that. That said, however, this land is blessed with a strong culture that ranges from the traditional to the modern, and includes friendly people, golden sandy beaches around Lake Malawi and a beautiful landscape dotted with national parks and wildlife reserves.  Visitors to Malawi – nicknamed ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ – are sure to leave a little warmer in their own hearts for having come. ~ WBB Staff Writer


 Full name: Republic of Malawi

 Population: 16.32 million (CIA, 2012)

 Capital: Lilongwe

 Largest city: Lilongwe

 Area: 118,484 (45,747 sq. mi.)

click  Major languages: Chichewa, Chinyanja,  Chiyao, Other

see url  Major religions: Christian, Muslim, Other

follow url  Monetary unit: Malawian Kwacha

 GDP per capita: US $900

 Internet domain: .mw

 International dialling code: +265

 Source: CIA World Factbook