A Boat Plane to Paradise

Island hopping made easy in the MaldivesMade up of over 1000 islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean, an experience in the Maldives really depends on where you choose to stay. Without a lot of effort you are more or less resort-bound, so do your research before you leave home so then you can just relax and enjoy it when you get there. Arriving is nothing short of spectacular. Not much more than a runway juts out of the ocean, so you might find yourself reaching under your seat to check for your life jacket! The international flight is just the beginning, however. Once you land safely and step into the tropical warmth of the airport, you transfer to the domestic terminal to catch your water plan to your final destination.


get link  Full name: Republic of Maldives

 Population: 394,451 (CIA, 2012)

horoscope april 26 birthday  Capital: Male

click here  Largest city: Male

 Area: 298 sq km (115 sq miles)

 Major languages: Dhivehi, English

 Major religions: Muslim

 Monetary unit: Rufiyaa

 GDP per capita: US $8,400

 Internet domain: .mv

 International dialling code: +960

 Source: CIA World Factbook