A Perfect Mix in Time

Imagining what Doha is like is really not possible unless you’ve had the good fortune of walking along the city’s Corniche on a not-too-hot summer's day, with the breeze tickling your hair and the Arabian Gulf lapping peacefully at your feet. The city's Corniche - the nearly seven kilometer promenade along the  coast - is a picture postcard indeed. It's an almost-surreal vision for joggers, walkers and those who cannot help but stroll and marvel at the architects, designers and workers who have built a spectacularly beautiful city out of the desert in such a short time, all the while maintaining some very traditional ways of life. Without a doubt, this city is amazing!


Insert the cd that came with your cell phone pack into the cd drive in the computer and install the drivers needed for your phone.  Full name: State of Qatar

Meeting 30mw standby in mobile phone chargers.  Population: 1.95 million (CIA, 2012)

 Capital: Doha

Checking on charities a growing number of online resources provide a. Starting point for evaluating nonprofit groups before you give, by jaclyne.  Largest city: Doha

 Area: 11,586 (4,473 sq. mi.)

Lets get this out there- android is actually really good these days. The galaxy s6 runs android 5.0 lollipop, as can be expected.  Major languages: Arabic, English

 Major religions: Muslim, Christian, Other

 Monetary unit: Qatari Rial

 GDP per capita: US $102,700

 Internet domain: .qa

 International dialling code: +974

 Source: CIA World Factbook